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At the end of the regular season, teams from each of the four ACHA regions (Northeast, Southeast, Central, and West) will be ranked from highest to lowest. The top 12 teams in each region will advance to postseason play. Teams ranked 1st or 2nd in their respective regions will receive a bye to the National Tournament. Teams ranked 3rd-12th will meet in a single-elimination Regional Playoff to determine their region’s final two National Tournament representatives. Winners of regional conferences with 8 or more members will receive an automatic berth to the Regional Playoff. If ranked below 12th place, the conference winner(s) will displace the lowest ranked team(s).

Teams will face each other in the following format:
Play-In Round – Friday
12th Place vs. 9th Place
11th Place vs. 10th Place

1st Round 
3rd Place vs. Lower Seeded Play-In Winner
4th Place vs. Higher Seeded Play-In Winner
5th Place vs. 8th Place
6th Place vs. 7th Place

2nd Round 
Top Winning Seed vs. Lowest Winning Seed
2nd Winning Seed vs. 2nd Lowest Winning Seed

The two winners of 2nd Round contests will advance to the National Tournament.

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