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Spartans Hockey Workout Program

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September 2016
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App LogoSJSU hockey has implemented a new workout regimen this season. At the core of the transition is an app designed by called Bodyspace. This user friendly app, which could also be misconstrued as a Facebook for meatheads, aims at helping members reach goals and achieve results . The app features a vast database of workoutMy homepage programs that are all designed specifically to meet the users needs.

The Spartans have their own workout plan installed directly onto the app. This comes in handy as it takes the added stress of planning workout schedules off of these busy college students. All they have to do is download the app, add their teammates, and then add the Spartans workout program. It’s that simple. All they have to do then is open the app daily to check for any notifications. If a notification is present, it will display what workouts need to be done for the day. If a notification is not present, that means it is either a rest day, a practice day,  or a game day. To plan ahead, the user can always view the “body calendar” for the planned workouts which have already been set up for the remainder of the hockey season.

The program being used by the Spartans consists of one lower body day, one upper body day, one cardio day, and one power-lifting day. All workouts are usually around an hour long except the cardio which is only a half-hour. Last year the Spartans were hit hard with injuries late in the season. With all the hard work being put in at the gym, things will definitely be different this time around.

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